Breathing Techniques Every Beginner Running Should Know

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Proper breathing techniques while running It’s something new runners should learn. and practiced from the beginning when I started to learn to run because it will allow us to run faster and run longer as well

There are 2 types of breathing

  1. Costal or Chest Breathing (costal or chest breathing) is when we inhale. the chest will expand and the abdomen will collapse As for exhaling, the chest will collapse. and the abdomen will expand or swell out Which when we run fast and run for a long time will cause colic to the ribs easily
  2. Diaphragmatic breathing ( Abdominal Breathing) is when we inhale. The diaphragm muscle will move down. cause air to enter the lungs The abdomen will swell or expand. and when we exhale The diaphragm muscle will move up. The belly will collapse. This method of breathing will not cause colic in the ribs when running for a long time. สมัคร ufabet

Normally, when running for a while our breathing rhythm will adjust to the running pace by itself This will be the moment when we feel that we are balanced and comfortable. Two types of running rhythm and breathing that new runners should know are as follows.

Running rhythm 2 – 2

  1. Inhale while stepping on the right foot for a count of 1.
  2. Left foot on the floor count 2
  3. Exhale as your right foot lands for a count of 1.
  4. left down count 2
  5. Right foot down again counting 1 is the next breath rhythm.

It can be seen that the inhalation and exhalation will land on the right foot every time. The shock stroke transmitted from the bottom from the foot hitting the ground to the torso and diaphragm muscles as it contracts is from the right foot. Every time we breathe, we receive strength from only one right side.

Running rhythm 3 – 2

  1. The moment that the right foot steps down and inhale count 1
  2. Left leg steps count 2
  3. Right leg steps count 3
  4. Step left leg and exhale for a count of 1.
  5. Right leg steps count 2
  6. Left leg down and inhale for a count of 1, which is the next breath cycle.

Creating a 3-2 running rhythm, or a 3-step inhalation and 2 exhalation tempo, will help prevent injury better. Because while we are breathing The muscles are stretched. and it can be seen that the inhalation rhythm will alternate between left and right Causing the diaphragm not to receive impact on either side But in the first use should try to practice breathing. By walking warm up lightly to get used to the breathing and rhythm of the feet.