10 ways to nourish your hair

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I believe that many people are faced with the problem of damaged hair so much that they don’t know how to start taking care of their hair. With various pollution such as dust and smoke Heat from sunlight or straightening and drying, including chemicals in hair coloring. They all cause the hair to lack moisture. Makes hair dry, damaged, split ends, frizzy and weightless. Leads to hair loss. Anyone looking for a solution to damaged hair Today we include10 ways to nourish your hair tips on taking care of your hair without any hassle. You can make it yourself at home.

Causes of dry, damaged, frizzy hair

  • dry scalp
  • Taking care of your hair the wrong way
  • heat use
  • Products that contain a lot of chemicals
  • hair friction
  • age increases
  • Environmental conditions and weather
  • Not eating all 5 food groups and experiencing stress

How to care for damaged hair to make it beautiful and shiny

1. Choose the right hair cleaning product.

You should choose products that match your hair condition to help fix โปรโมชั่น ufabet problems and nourish your hair. Avoid products that contain alcohol, silicone, sodium lauryl sulfate because these substances will strip away a lot of the natural oils in the hair. As a result, the hair becomes dry, damaged and fragile.

2. Wash your hair properly.

So as not to harm the hair and cause it to lose moisture. You should wash your hair the correct way about 3-4 times a week. Using your fingertips, gently massage to stimulate blood circulation throughout the head instead of scratching. Because scratching injures the base of the hair and makes it weaker. This results in hair loss and can cause wounds on the scalp.

3. Wash your hair with normal temperature water.

Although washing your hair with warm water helps to relax and opens the pores to receive full nourishment. But if you do it too often, it can harm your hair without realizing it. This is because the high temperature of the water washes out the natural oils in the hair that help keep it moisturized. Therefore, you should wash your hair with normal temperature water, which is best for the hair.

4. Leave your hair soft with treatment or oil.

For those who have lost their hair so much that it is jelly The key to good hair repair is regular treatments. This step can use baby oil to revitalize the hair by applying it all over the head and focusing on areas where the hair is especially dry and damaged, such as the ends of the hair, along with gently massaging the product to absorb into the hair. Leave it for 3-5 minutes. Then rinse it off. You will get soft, shiny, healthy hair.

5. Wipe your hair properly.

Before you start drying your hair, use your hands to squeeze the water out of your hair first, then gently blot it with a cloth that absorbs water well. Until it’s damp and then put in oil to nourish the hair. At this stage, absolutely do not wipe by rubbing your hair because it will cause friction or tangling. Which causes hair to become frizzy and easily fall out. After that, you may start blow drying your hair through the towel that you have wrapped it in first so as not to expose your hair to direct heat. Then adjust the temperature for further blow drying.

6. Protect damaged hair with nourishing hair oil.

Add a protective barrier to split ends by using serum or oil before drying and styling. The oil prevents hair from losing water from heat. For people with oily hair Can focus on applying only to areas where hair is very dry and damaged. Just use 2-3 drops of baby oil and apply it all over the ends of your hair while your hair is damp. It will help make hair more moisturized, soft and smooth.

7. Comb your hair properly.

Each person has a different hair condition. Whether it’s thick hair Thin or wavy hair Therefore, you should start by choosing the right comb and combing your hair in moderation. Because combing your hair too often will damage the hair cuticles and encourage hair loss more easily. Start by combing the ends of the tangled hair first and then gently comb from the top section down to the bottom section to cover the entire head. This gentle combing can help reduce hair loss problems.

8. Reduce the use of chemicals on your hair.

Anyone whose hair is damaged and dry from chemicals There should be a recovery period for the hair and scalp of 1-2 months. You should choose products that are designed to directly care for hair damaged by chemicals. Because it will deeply nourish the hair and restore the keratin structure in the hair to be stronger.

9. Trim the ends of the hair.

This method is popular and helps urgently solve the problem of damaged hair and split ends. The ends of the hair should be trimmed 1-2 cm every 1-2 months by cutting perpendicular to the hair to remove all dry and damaged parts. After that, nourish it with hair oil continuously to make the hair healthier.

10. Eat foods that nourish your hair.

for sustainable maintenance We should choose to eat foods that have properties to help care for the hair, including protein as it is the main structure of the hair, zinc which helps care and repair the hair to be healthy. And vitamin B or ibutin helps make hair strong, shiny, and not fragile. You can find it from spinach, kale, berries, Greek yogurt, egg yolks, beans, tofu, chicken, and wheat germ, which will help nourish and make your hair beautiful and healthy. Good from the inside out