Benefits of coconut sugar More than seasonings

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As everyone knows that coconut sugar is unique With its unique taste, mellowness, not too sweet, and more fragrant than other sugars, coconut sugar is often used in making Thai desserts. or Thai food always

But it’s more than just the delicious taste. Coconut sugar has more benefits than that. Because for those who take special care of their health… This is coconut sugar. Answers most health questions

     coconut sugar From ยูฟ่าเบท It is natural sugar with a level of sweetness comparable to normal sugar. Like granulated sugar or honey, but coconuts sugar. It will have a low glycemic index of only 35%, which is more than 50% lower than normal sugar….

When asked how good is a low glycemic index?

     The Glycemic Index (GI) is a number that indicates how quickly food is eaten after being processed by the body. whether the body can absorb sugar slowly or quickly Foods with a high glycemic index cause the body to produce large amounts of insulin. It may cause insulin resistance. But if the glycemic index is low The body will gradually produce insulin Makes the body absorb it slowly This has a beneficial effect on those who want to control their blood sugar levels. and may make you feel less hungry Can reduce appetite 

     In addition to the low glycemic index “Coconuts sugar” also contains 16 amino acids, is a source of potassium, magnesium,  zinc  and iron. It also has vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B3 and vitamin B6. Compared to brown sugar Because coconut sugar is about 36 times higher in iron, 4 times higher in magnesium, and 10 times higher in zinc, coconut sugar also contains healthy fats. This helps prevent high cholesterol and heart disease. It contains potassium,  magnesium, and sodium, which are necessary for regulating the amount of water in the body as well as the function of the heart, nerves, and muscles. It has nearly 400 times more potassium than regular sugar.  Vitamin C helps strengthen the immune system and prevent illness. It also helps keep joints and skin healthy.

  “Good health depends on what you choose to eat. Just like deliciousness depends on the choice of ingredients.”