Take care of your oral health properly.

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Take care of your oral health properly. To make your gums and teeth strong
Keeping your gums healthy is the best way to reduce receding gums. You should brush your teeth 2 times a day along with flossing. and see a dentist regularly to scrape off tartar It is enough to prevent gums from receding. But for some people it’s more complicated than that. This is because genetics may be the cause of receding gums. Even though oral health is the best สมัคร ufabet You may bite your teeth or your teeth are not properly aligned, causing microorganisms and tartar to easily accumulate around the gum line. Brushing your teeth too hard can also cause your gums to recede.

Steps to take care of your oral health correctly:
1. You should brush your teeth at least 2 times a day or after every meal. If it is not convenient, you should rinse your mouth with clean water. Or use mouthwash after every meal
. 2. Eat vegetables and fruits that help nourish your gums and teeth, such as apples, oranges, guavas, sweet potatoes, rose apples.
3. Avoid biting or tearing hard things with your teeth, such as tearing plastic bags. Bite the rope and use your teeth to open the cork of a bottle. Because it may cause the teeth to become chipped, cracked, or shake
. 4. Observe your teeth and gums after brushing your teeth. If you find black spots on the surface of your teeth Swelling along the gum line or tartar. See a dentist for treatment
. 5. In the case of loose baby teeth This causes toothache while eating and brushing your teeth. Or the tooth has decayed, but the root is left without the tooth itself. You should consult a dentist.