What are the fruits for weight loss?

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      Obesity is something that causes both women and men to lose confidence. In this article, Allwell would like to share some good tips. About fruits that are not fattening when eaten The fruit is easy to eat. Can be eaten at any time But not all สมัคร ufabet types will not make you fat if you eat them. We would like to take everyone to meet 8 fruits for weight loss as follows:

weight loss fruit

Fruits for weight loss are as follows:


         It is useful in adding dietary fiber to the body. The fiber in apples is pectin and 100 grams of apples provide 52 calories.

2. Western

         Fruits that are very high in vitamin C Guava has a higher vitamin C content than oranges. Because guava is high in vitamin C, it helps prevent colds and prevents scurvy as well. 100 grams of guava provides 60 calories.

3. Papaya

         Popular weight loss fruits that must be consumed properly Do not consume when fully ripe. Because from the good benefits, you will get excess sugar instead. Papaya also helps with bowel movement. 100 grams of papaya provides only 13 calories.


         Weight loss fruits that are rich in fiber and high in vitamin C. Helps strengthen the body’s immune system. 100 grams of oranges provide 42 calories.

5. Watermelon

         Juicy weight loss fruit It helps increase the amount of water in the body from consuming fruit very well. 100 grams of watermelon provides only 25 calories only.


         Northern fruits with a sweet and sour taste are also on the list of weight loss fruits that help nourish the skin very well. 100 grams of strawberries contain 33 calories.

7.Dragon fruit

         Popular weight loss fruits Rich in fiber that helps with excretion. 100 grams of dragon fruit provides 60 calories . Dragon fruit is also a weight loss fruit for dinner that helps you feel full and healthy.


         Another weight loss fruit that is delicious and moist. Suitable for eating to cool down. 100 grams of rose apple provides 42 calories of energy.