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Breathing Techniques Every Beginner Running Should Know

Proper breathing techniques while running It’s something new runners should learn. and practiced from the beginning when I started to learn to run because it will allow us to run faster and run longer as well There are 2 types of breathing Normally, when running for a while our breathing

walking helps change disease

benefits of walking Help cure disease. Walking helps change the disease. This story is not exaggerated. Because walking is one of the easiest exercises. And still able to do it for all genders, ages, and can also modify the weight to suit each person’s physical condition as well I

Heatstroke, the most popular summer disease preventable

Heatstroke, the most popular disease in the summer that you can protect yourself just follow this advice Heatstroke or diseases caused by our bodies not adapting well enough to the hot weather. Until the heat in the body is higher than 40-41 degrees Celsius, which may cause death.

foods that increase acne can be avoided urgently

Checklist of foods that increase acne can be avoided urgently Many young women probably know that “acne” can be caused by many factors such as stress, hormones, air pollution. or even food that increases acne which this bad pimple It’s something that disturbs the facial skin. It can make you feel