2 Former impressed Haaland will smash every Record.

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Former England strikers Michael Owen and Gary Lineker have all been impressed with Manchester City striker Erling Braut Haaland from his top-flight debuts to the football game. Destroyed the Forest half a dozen to step up to break every record.

Haaland, just 38 minutes of the first half, netted a perfect hat-trick from the left foot. Right foot and headed into the net. So far 9 goals have been accumulated in just 5 games.

From the history of work throughout the career Plus. Being in a diligent team to create opportunities like City makes the two old strikers dare to decide. That the 22 – year-old will be number 1 in every scoring record UFABET.

“ I want to repeat it again ; This young man smashed every record, breaking the net that currently exists. He was big , quick , sharp when in front of the door. And is under a team that creates dozens of opportunities, ” tweeted ‘ Baby Goal ‘ via @themichaelowen  .

“ All that the younger brother has to do is keep his body fit. ”

While Lineker is very pleased with the star player. The owner of the value of 51 million pounds very much. ” Brutal ! Erling Haaland’s hat -trick from the last two halves he’s played on the pitch is crazy. “

Haaland’s nine goals in August have also broken the English Premier League’s all- time record , 251 behind Alan Shearer’s all -time record. Including City ‘s #9 . Yet another assist

In the betting shop, it seems that the Norwegian players will get the golden boot like ‘ Sky Bet ‘ , cutting the price from the original favorite to 2/7 ( stab 7 pay 2 , excluding capital ) .

Aleksandar Mitrovic ( Fulham ) 5 goals , Rodrygo Moreno ( Leeds ) 4 goals .