Conte said that the referees uses VAR.

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Tottenham Hotspur head coach Antonio Conte verbally slashed the referees in yesterday’s 1-1 draw with West Ham. Saying they couldn’t use video-assisted referees (VAR). who decided to forfeit their early game penalty

In the 12th minute , Kane headed the ball at the pole that flowed into the arm , Aaron Cresswell in the penalty area. The referee Peter Banks blew a penalty in the first place.  

But then there was a signal from the staff ‘ VAR ‘ Stewart Attwell to have the black shirt on the field to check back on the sidelines again. leading to a change in judgment UFABET

Which Conte thinks that if taking the head of the game ‘ Golden Spikes Chicken ‘ will be easier to play. So it’s completely detrimental to them.

Conte told Spurs Play. 

“ Honestly at the end of the first half I went to the referee to tell him – you made the right decision in the first place – it was unbelievable that ‘ VAR ‘ looked back on the incident , informed the referee on the pitch – even though you The decision was correct but when it was argued it felt strange. ” 

“ What I can say is that the referee on the pitch was right. Didn’t the ‘ VAR ‘ usually tell at the wrong moment ?  In England they have to learn to use VAR in a proper way , more education and accuracy. ” 

“ If there is a VAR You must use it properly or accept Pao’s decision on the field. enough to have a TV screen. Then find time to watch it backwards. It’s an embarrassment for all coaches, not just me. “

“ Our team has started the season well , came unbeaten. The way that has been shown in five of our three away games. Visiting difficult stadiums like West Ham , Chelsea and Forest are doing well and keep improving. ” 

“ From now on, we have two days to prepare before meeting Newcastle (3rd September ) and then look at the Champions League . ” 

Spurs will still have to play one game every three days until mid-next month. When the European League games are suspended for the national team.