Joao Felix disagrees with Griezmann’s ideas.

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Joao Felix insists he doesn’t agree with Antoine Griezmann’s ideas. After an old friend at Atletico Madrid talked about him joining Barcelona this season.

Joao Felix, the Portuguese attacker of Barcelona ​​has revealed that. He does not agree with the opinion of Antoine Griezmann. The French forward of Atletico Madrid, who considers it It was an emotional problem that prevented him from succeeding with the Atletico team. According to a report from MobyStar Plus last Friday ทางเข้า UFABET 

Barcelona prepares for the Olympique de Montjuic arena to take on Atletico Madrid on the Liga stage this Sunday. This will be Joao Felix’s first encounter with the real agency since moving to play with the Azulgrana team on loan this past summer.

Before this Sunday’s game, old friends of the Atletico team like Antoine Griezmann and Saul Niguez came out to criticize Joao Felix. Especially the French striker stating that. The Portuguese offensive line Having emotional problems from playing inconsistently with Atletico Madrid. He looked for a way to move. And the Atletico team responded to the player’s needs by releasing him to play with Barcelona with a loan contract in this season. 

But Joao Felix doesn’t view it the same way as Griezmann and other old friends. saying: ‘I don’t agree. Everyone has their own opinion. And I won’t make any comments.’

‘Obviously things can be done better. Both me and others. There are many things that are not done very well. But it’s not just one person’s fault. It’s also the fault of many people.’