Josep Guardiola has backed Haland is ambitious to become a legend like Aguero.

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Josep Guardiola has backed Manchester City’s climb to the top of all-time goalscorer Sergio Aguero if young spearman Erling Braut Haaland thinks it is football. One of the challenges to try.

Haaland scored his second hat-trick under City in a 6-0 thrashing of Forest yesterday. Accumulating his total of nine tablets , 175 behind the record-holder Gun UFABET.

Looking at the age of only 22 carats , plus past statistics throughout the career Industry insiders are confident that Norwegian players can do it. But as a boss, you must always awaken the thirst for your subordinates to shine brightly.  

“ Sergio is a club legend . No one can break that status in the hearts of Manchester City fans . He has scored an important goal in modern football history. ” Josep Guardiola referring to the winning goal in the 2012  English Premier League champions.

“ Erling has the quality to get there. It’s not about him or Sergio, the mind is always number one. Because what the seniors have created is amazing, but Haland is also gifted . ” 

“ When City took that guy, everyone in the industry was talking about what he did in the past. What do we want to support that guy? Hopefully he will still have fun and score more goals. ” 

” What he did in the Norwegian , Ostia or German leagues, we will try to make it happen here. ” 

“ With the talent that a child has We know it’s possible. ” 

With nine goals scored in the English Premier League just in August , Haaland broke the previous record for most goals scored by Gunners and Mick Quinn (8 goals ) to fill the Player of the Month title .