Jurgen Klopp claims that Newcastle is delayed until it bruises itself.

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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp sees it differently from Newcastle. Who sees their 2-1 victory in the 90+8 minutes. Because the referee whistles sweetly. But caused by diligent visiting team players to sleep, cramping up separately.

‘ The Reds ‘ overtook drama in injury time in the 8th minute from Fabio Carvalho ‘s goal. Although the first sign was 90+5 , leading to criticism of referee Andre Marrine on social media from opposite poles as ‘ Big 6’ 

However, Jurgen Klopp the 55 -year -old boss cuts a razor and takes a honey shower at night ‘ Salika Dong ‘ who uses it to lie down on each other in spite of a little pain. When intentions are not pure His Highness was severely punished UFABET 

“ I’m just as happy as everyone saw last night. Rooted to survive , Newcastle have invested a lot to cut down on our chances. ” he told ‘ BeIN Sports ‘ .

“ They almost succeeded. leverage every pearl for it Of course, everyone wants to watch a football game. Whenever it gets stopped so often, it’s not good for anyone. ” 

“ Opportunities will inform that we have Not only yesterday’s game, but overall the referee had to give the yellow card early – I don’t remember if the intentional kick-off delayed and got a yellow card was still there. Or is this rule already dead ?”

” There is no comment on last night’s intentional laying down of the opponent’s player because he could have hurt a little, I really don’t know. ”  

Incidentally, the real injured person is on Liverpool ‘s side when midfielder Jordan Henderson suffered a muscle sore behind his knee until he was replaced from the field to prepare for a scan on Thursday. Added to the problem of limited midfield options, making it difficult to fit in time to face Everton (3 Sept. )