Xhaka, from the first day toto the day of leaving Arsenal

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The news of Granit Xhaka‘s farewell team (30 years, contract until mid-2024) is clearer. After the information stated that He has rejected a new contract with Arsenal. As the club will no longer be offering him a new contract. When the players are clear that they want to move out of the team for a return to football in Germany again

It’s not surprising news. With a decision that is quite certain that he will leave the team

Because of the information that came out in many parts together

Germany is a country that he has many ties to. His hometown (Switzerland) and wife’s birthplace (Albania) is not far from Germany. One of Europe’s best football leagues. Going back is possible. When news came out that his wife wanted to return to live there. Which is relatively not subject to the press Or football society as much as England, children will grow up like a normal child. the UFABET report

As we all know, Xhaka has been one of the most contenders at Arsenal, with the amount of abuse, death threats and family harassment he faced, especially during 2019 when he was condemned to the death of his son. The club had to take off his captain’s armband as necessary. Many people may not know that at that time, Xhaka even had to change the car so that people would not recognize it. He didn’t want people to know. don’t want anyone to see I don’t want to clash with anyone. And at that time he wanted to move the team. By that time, Unai Emery and the transition to Mikel Arteta’s team, the team’s transfer to Hertha Berlin was completed. But only the players left, flying to sign the contract, it’s over, but in the end, Arteta talked to him, confirming that he was with the team first. What are his plans, what are his thoughts, and if he wanted to leave, he would not stand in his way. Finally, Xhaka opted to continue with Arsenal.